ENTRY FEE:                  $70.00 entry and an additional $50.00 crossover fee per division.
                                      $100.00 PRO Division NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON TO ANYONE!

TESTING FEE:               $40.00 cash to polygrapher at time of testing. All contestants are required to take a polygraph test.
                                       You will be contacted to set up appointment.

EARLY ENTRY:              $60.00 entry fee and $40.00 crossover. $90.00 pros if POST MARKED by Feb 28, 2019.

DEADLINE:                Postmarked by May 1, 2019 - Late Fee 5/2-5/8 $50.00. 5/9-18 $100.00
                                      Promoter has the right to reject late entries.

AMATURE DIV:            Open to all natural amateur athletes who hold a current NGA card. PLEASE ACQUIRE YOUR NGA CARD A WEEK PRIOR TO THE DAY OF SHOW at nationalgym.com 

PRO DIVISION:          Open to pros with a current pro card. Pros from other organizations may obtain a NGA pro card through the NGA Offices. 

                                (Please see NGA website for accepted organizations.) Contact Andy Bostinto @ (954)344-8410
LOCATION:                  Maumee Indoor Theatre 601 Conant St. Maumee Ohio

TIME:                      CONTESTANT CHECK-IN: 8:00am -9:30        PREJUDGING: 11:00 AM (SHARP)
EVENING:                    SHOWTIME 5:00 PM - DOORS OPEN: 4:30 PM

SPRAYS & TAN:              BACK STAGE ONLY! No sprays or creams to be used anywhere except backstage or results in DQ!

MUSIC:                         BODYBUILDERS/CLASSIC ONLY, E MAIL music as a wave file. Deadline September 30 (your name should be the file name, not                                          song title). If not provided by deadline, house music will be played. All physique, figure and bikini competitors will do their                                               walk to house music. Routines may be cut to 60 seconds depending on show size.

AWARDS:                     1st – 5th place awards for overall winners (1st place winner of each OPEN division receives PRO CARD. There must be 5                                                    competitors in your class or you must win overall).
                      PRO PAYOUTS
*5-9 Athletes                        10+Athletes
 1st $500                                1st $1,000
 2nd $300                                2nd $ 500
 3rd $200                                 3rd $ 300
*Assuming the minimum number of athletes are met (5 & 10)

INFO:                                                                                            Ryan Rollison
SEND CHECK OR                                                         2115 Allenby Toledo, OH 43607
MONEY ORDER TO:                                                                 (419) 944-4200
                                                                                             [email protected]
This show entitles the class winners in the open division to turn pro (5 competitors equal a valid class or an overall win).
Promoters have the option of canceling any class for an insufficient amount of competitors;
Promoters have the option of splitting a division that has a total of 10 or more athletes.  For example, if the teen division has 10 competitors, the Promoter can divide this class into two calling them "Teen "A" and "B".  This division should be worked out as evenly as possible either by age, weight, or height.
Promoters should look at all entry forms and decide which way to go.  It is the Promoter's option whether or not to do an overall of "Teen A" and "Teen B".
All athletes will be introduced to the audience at the evening show.  Only the top five in each class will pose in the evening show.