The Dream Bodies Nutrition Program will help you achieve success by guiding you to make informed decisions about what to consume. You will be provided with the information & knowledge you need to supplement your body with healthy and nutritious foods to keep you energized and help you along your quest to achieve your dream body.  Check out some of the helpful Dream Body Diet & Nutrition Information below to get started today.

(You may substitute freely within a category for variety)
Basic nutrition profile for label comparisons:
1 oz raw lean meat has approx. 7 gm of protein. 0 carbs, 1-3 gm fat.
2 egg whites =1 oz equivalent,  
¼ C low fat cottage cheese = 1 oz equivalent.
             BEST PROTEIN CHOICES - lowest in fat and unprocessed!
Chicken breast, fresh or frozen tuna and other white fish, turkey breast, lean trimmed beef with no marbling or fat streaks(examples: lean sirloin steak, round steak, sometimes good quality flank steak and London broil cuts) 93%-96% ground beef, pure ground turkey breast, egg whites, whole eggs, good quality protein  drink,
  OTHER PROTEIN CHOICES- Cottage cheese (limited amounts), other cheeses containing less than 3gms fat per oz., pre cooked chicken breast chunks or strips (no breading), canned white meat chicken or tuna, lean ham (limit due to sodium), pork chops cut from round, lean deli meats. Salmon is great but is high in omega 3 oil. While this is very good for you, you will still need to reduce the other oils in your diet by 2 tsp per 5oz eaten to compensate for fat calories.
Basic nutrition profile for label comparisons: A basic serving (1/2C oats, 1/2C brown rice, 4 oz potato) Contains about 20-25 gm “active” carbs. “Active” refers to net carbs after subtracting the fiber grams.  Fiber is part of the carbs listed on the label, but it is not absorbed or utilized like carbs and needs to be subtracted from total carbs listed on label.
  BEST CARB CHOICES- Emphasizes fiber content and low glycemic effect, so blood  sugar stays more stable than with other carb sources: Red potatoes, sweet potatoes (fresh or canned no syrup or sugar), brown rice, oatmeal, kidney, Lima and other beans, corn, lentils and peas.  Cream of rice and white rice are ok but not as good as brown rice.
OTHER CARB SOURCES- Highly unprocessed whole grain breads (Ezekiel) or whole grain high fiber breads, unsweetened rice cakes, whole grain unsweetened cereal (puffed kashi), or other cooked cereals that contain only whole grains.  You can try other unsweetened starches but there is a possibility that your progress may be affected.
FRESH FRUITS- (not dried, canned or juiced)
Basic nutrition profile for label comparisons:
4 oz = approx. 15 gm of carbohydrates. 
Some fruits such as bananas and grapes, have concentrated sugar levels and affect blood sugars too much- they are avoided as “best choices”.
        BEST FRUIT CHOICES- Apples, apricots, cantaloupe, cherries, grapefruit, honeydew, nectarines, oranges, mango, papaya, plums and all
         OTHER CHOICE- Grapes (10 per serving), Banana (1/2 small per serving).                       
Basic Nutrition Profile for Label Comparisons:
4 oz cooked serving (1 /2 cup) = approx. 8 grams carb.   If eaten raw, then double the measured amount.
BEST FOOD CHOICES-  Asparagus, broccoli, green  beans, cabbage (all varieties), carrots (small amounts used in salad  or       vegetable mixtures), cauliflower, celery, cucumbers, kale, lettuce (all varieties) and all other green leafy vegetables, onions (small amounts for flavoring only), peppers (green, red, jalapeno, etc),  radishes, snow peas or sugar snap peas, spinach, string beans, squash (summer varieties, like zucchini only ), tomatoes, water chestnuts.

Basic Nutrition Profile for Label Comparisons:  l tsp oil = 5 grams fat.  1 TBS oil = 15 grams
fat.  Double amount for peanut and nut butters and most salad dressings. 1 oz nuts = 1TBS oil.
Processed fats and meat fats are avoided.  Emphasis on omega 3 fatty acids (as found  in flax oil and fish oil)  and essential  fatty acids (as found in Evening  Primrose Oil)  to support the fat burning and lean gain/sparing effects of your diet.  Saturated (animal fats- except heavy cream) and processed fats (like margarines and shortening) are unhealthy to the cardiovascular system, reduce insulin sensitivity, and promote fat storage.  Heavy cream is saturated but is stimulating for lean mass gains.
BEST FAT CHOICES- Flax seed oil, cold pressed unfiltered oils like safflower, sunflower, canola, walnut, olive.   Nuts
like almonds, brazil  nuts, filberts, pecans, pine nuts,  walnuts.   Avocados, olives, heavy whipping cream, natural style peanut butter or other organic nut butters, real butter, and lecithin granules. Also, quality salad dressings (e.g. Newman's Original) are good.
The following foods are "free" foods or may be used in limited amounts:
  • All vegetables (dill pickles included) except corn, peas, squash, carrots, beets.
  • Green  leafy  veggies are free
  • Diet sodas, Crystal Light, coffee, decaffeinated coffee, regular or herbal tea (sugar free)
  • For health purposes, limit artificially sweetened drinks up to 2 a day. Otherwise they are not restricted.
  • Other unsweetened beverages are unlimited and encouraged in generous amounts.
  • Sugar-free Jello:  Limit, it does add calories.
  • Sugar-free Gum:  Unlimited
  • Non-fat sour cream, non-fat cream cheese, non-fat sugar-free mayonnaise: Limit.
  • All dry seasonings and herbal seasonings:   Unlimited.
  • Plain herbs and spices: Unlimited.
  • Packaged seasoning blends (e,g, meatloaf seasoning): Limit.
*Butter Substitutes:  Butter Buds, Molly McButter, Molly McCheese, and SMALL amounts of “Non Calorie" butter-type sprays (these are oil based     so fat calories do add up with unrestrained use!)
*Marinades:  Be sure they are low sugar - like herb-Italian, hickory, some grilling sauce, A-1 sauces.   A low sugar "teriyaki" can be made with        equal parts soy sauce and diet coke with garlic and ginger.  This tenderizes meats well, too.  Paul Newman's Original salad dressing is great as a  marinade.  The oil cooks off.  (It’s the sugar in products that gets absorbed when marinating meats.)

 In the link  below, Beverly International, you will find extreemly helpful meal plan information for your specific goals and weight.  Please take a moment to review this information for your transformation.  UNLEASH YOUE HERO!